Quito, the gateway of entrance to the megadiverse and magic Ecuador, waits for you.

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, this city is located 2800 meters above the sea level on the Andes. In this beautiful city, the past and the present coexist framed by a monumental architecture, which whispers stories of time. The pre-columbian, colonial , independence and republic of Quito join these history roots in this city. Quito is the gateway to the megadiverse Ecuador and awaits you.

The city which was known as the first Cultural Heritage of Humankind is a cozy, modern, artistic and cultural. It is located a few minutes from forest and grassland, lush national parks, snowed volcanoes and zones for birdwatching; some of them considered hot spots in the world.

Middle of the World

Unique Destination

Did you know that Quito is on the Ecuador line? Therefore, its altitude is 0°0’-0’’ which makes this country and city unique . It the XVII century, the French Geodesic mission arrived to Ecuador to prove the shape of the Earth and define the equator which divides the planet in the northern and southern hemisphere. This tourist complex is located in the San Antonio de Pichincha parish just 14 kilometers from Quito being one of the main tourist attractions.


The Cloud Forest

This bird sanctuary and cloud forest is located 2 hours from the northern western area of Quito. This town has been considered as one of the top places for birdwatching by ornithology fanatics. You will be able to see more than 500 species of birds on its habitat. Thus, you cannot miss Mindo while you visit Ecuador.


Colors and happiness

The lovely and green valley of Otavalo is located in the northern highlands of Ecuador at 2565 meters above the sea level. It is rounded of picturesque landscapes and inhabited by creative people. Otavalo is considered on of the most important destinations of Ecuador. Otavalo is world - famous for its handicraft market which offers a wide selection of products created by clever and experienced artisans. Otavalo has had an important commercial vocation and textile production since pre hispanic times. It was established as a collection and trade center between different cultures from all regions of the country.


The summit of the world

The Cotopaxi volcano shares a beautiful panoramic view enclosing a unique landscape with the vegetation coverage on its hillsides. Also, as a result of the old volcanic eruptions some mineral features could be appreciated while you enjoy the scenery. On its western slopes,the volcano has a refuge which can be visited by national and foreigners to enjoy the view of the valley and Limpiopungo lagoon with its andean tails on it. This volcano is the highest and most active of the world.


Magic Destination

La Laguna del Quilotoa es una de las 15 lagunas de origen volcánico apreciadas como las más hermosas del mundo, está ubicada en la provincia de Cotopaxi a 66 kilómetros al sur de la ciudad de Latacunga, en la parroquia de Zumbahua y forma parte de la Reserva Ecológica Los Ilinizas. Situada a 3800 metros sobre el nivel del mar, La laguna de Quilotoa se ha convertido en los últimos años en un atractivo turístico para los visitantes que se maravillan con sus aguas y la forma de vida de los habitantes.

Descubre paisajes mágicos ubicados entre montañas. Vive la aventura ecuatorial ¡Quito, la ciudad de los volcanes te espera!

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